Comments from  Transitions Group in Glen Howe Park

I initially thought that being outdoors for a few hours was going to be a bit outside of my comfort zone. I actually found it peaceful, calming and really enjoyable creating art from nature.

I really enjoyed working with everyone. Scavenging for useful items and working towards a shared goal. It was all awesome!

Today has been inspiring! A change of environment and something that I would not do everyday.

Was better than expected. Not good at art but received help and my strange idea welcomed and accepted.

Jackie McDermot, Assistant Headtecaher

Soo and Charlie have worked seamlessly with every child in school (over 500 pupils) to create what can only be described as stunning masterpieces. Our aim was for each year group to complete a piece of art linked to the Tour De France but what we ended up with was something much bigger that had a huge impact on our whole school community. Children created fantastic exhibits that were showcased around school. Parents and carers were then invited in and given a guided tour by some of our older children. The feedback we have had has been amazing and hearing the children share their pride, enthusiasm and talent with their peers, parents and carers has been invaluable and will have a lasting impression. It was memory making at its best! Thank you!


Robbie McGrath, Headteacher at Malin Bridge Primary School

At Malin Bridge we have worked with Soo for a number of years on a variety of art projects, more recently Charlie has joined forces with Soo and they now regularly work as a team to carry out projects with children. As a pair they offer a service, which in my opinion, is unique in terms of quality and approach. Whilst always producing pieces of artwork that are truly bespoke to the needs of the school and of the highest standard, they take an approach which is exceptionally inclusive and child led.

They are able to take an initial idea, theme or area of school and transform it into something inspirational. They have done this throughout Malin Bridge, working in a building, which due to its age, presents a number of challenges. They have converted disused and ugly areas into eye catching places; they converted an old sandwich store into a coral reef that lights up!

They have worked with the full range of children in the primary phase. They have helped us to realise our vision that every child in school will have a piece of art they have contributed to displayed in school.

Probably the most impressive thing about them is their attitude toward new projects and challenges. They will work with school leaders to develop ideas and then clearly outline the best way to carry out the project, always ensuring that resources used are sustainable and cost effective. Throughout they approach all aspects with an ‘anything is possible’ attitude, and are warm, pleasant people to work with.

I could not recommend them highly enough!

I want to do the collage all over again –  Rebecca, Year 5

The children really enjoyed the Artboat session. It allowed them to express their creativity and created a ‘buzz’ about their topic work  – Laura Brown, Year 3 teacher

That started off as a bunch of sticks and now its a boat – Jack, Year 5

I enjoyed it because you got all messy. At the end it was really good – Charlotte, Year 4

I enjoyed decorating the DVDs because it was fun and brilliant, also I like sticking – Harrison, Year 2

I drew the map of the Tour de France route through Yorkshire. It was very hard drawing the line straight and accurately. I also helped write some of the places and I enjoyed it very much – Zoe, Year 5

We wrapped cloth around the bike. It was very fun. We were very excited about the bike being put in Waterstones – Ava, Year 4


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