Tour de France

We have now finished putting up the Tour de France exhibition showcasing the fantastic artwork the children have made over the last few weeks. Parents, carers and relatives have been guided around the exhibition by Year 5/6 tour guides and a numbered map. They will have a chance to see the brilliant triptych mural in situ, ‘ding’ bells in the Foundation Stage garden, watch 3 short films made by the Year 6 children and SHU students while riding a bike and hunt the yellow DVD dandelions hidden around the school buildings.

What the teachers have said about our Tour de France work:

Soo and Charlie have worked seamlessly with every child in school (over 500 pupils) to create what can only be described as stunning masterpieces. Our aim was for each year group to complete a piece of art linked to the Tour De France but what we ended up with was something much bigger that had a huge impact on our whole school community. Children created fantastic exhibits that were showcased around school. Parents and carers were then invited in and given a guided tour by some of our older children. The feedback we have had has been amazing and hearing the children share their pride, enthusiasm and talent with their peers, parents and carers has been invaluable and will have a lasting impression. It was memory making at its best! Thank you!

Jackie McDermot, Assistant Headteacher


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