Marlcliffe Dragon & Mural

We have finished making the gigantic 3D dragon and 4m mural to celebrate Marlcliffe School’s 100th birthday.

KS1 3D Willow Dragon

The Y1s made 10 dragon body sections using willow and tissue paper. They also made a 10ft dragon head and a tail. The Y2s used sewing machines to create patchwork strips that we made into two enormous wings. All the children have been thrilled at using the sewing machines and learning a new skill.

KS2 Centenary Mural

Each class in KS2 investigated a decade of the school’s history from 1915 to the present day and created a plan of how their part of the mural should look. Each child then worked with Soo and Charlie to create a panel based on their class’ decade, deciding which world events, famous people and cultural icons to include. Each panel is distinctive in its own right, and also fits with the panel next to it to create a dramatic mural.

At the centenary fayre the children paraded the dragon around the playground accompanied by drums and chanting. David Blunkett unveiled the Centenary Mural and it was wonderful to watch the children pointing out their contribution to their parents and carers!


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