Sheffield Flood

We worked with twenty KS1 children on an art project to commemorate 150 years since the Great Sheffield Flood. The children investigated how a dam works using half a plastic bottle, porridge and Lego bricks to represent the houses washed away. They heard stories of survivors including a family who survived by sitting on their bed as it floated up to the ceiling. They used the stories to create drawings which were then collaged to form a large Horrible Histories style picture.

The main art project involved the children collaging laminating sheets with a variety of blue material to represent the water. Each sheet had a different level of water and in the final piece these are displayed in an order that shows the water level increasing. The children were given photographs of countryside at Dale Dike and the Loxley Valley and of buildings at Malin Bridge. They cut human shapes out of the photographs to represent everything that was swept away in the flood.


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