School Collage

This collage won first prize in the Hope Education Pritt Stick Collage Competition 2014, earning the school £1,000! Well done everyone!

We have just finished our large collage of Malin Bridge School for the Junior Hall. Over five weeks we worked  with all 246 children in Juniors, and, by the end, each child had made a contribution to the overall picture.  Children in Years 3 and 4 used old carpet, crisp packets, tin foil, used envelopes and other recycled items to create a huge picture of the school building, aswell as drawing themselves and staff to appear in the windows. Years 5 and 6 created the playground, garden, scrapstore, chickens and all the other important elements of the school community using tree bark, bottle tops, jigsaw pieces and feathers. We think it looks amazing! Well done to all the children who worked so hard on this fantastic project.


One response to “School Collage

  1. Wonderful, inspirational, resourceful, inclusive and just blooming brilliant! Envisioned by Soo & Charlie , created by inspired participants who, through creativity, develop a love of arts and crafts.

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