Civil War Diorama

Over a week the Year 5s from Malin Bridge School created a large scale 3d diorama of a battle in the American Civil War. They worked on the papier mache background, designed their own flags and created soldiers, horses and canons from clay. Once their clay figure had dried the children decided which side the soldier was going to fight on and painted them accordingly. The children let their imaginations run wild and the battle scene contains some quite gruesome sights – vultures eating dead soldiers, soldiers missing limbs and soldiers in direct combat.

Some quotes from the workshops:

‘I learned to be careful with delicate things’ – Joshua (part of the Union)

‘I now know that Unions wore blue and the Confederates wore grey and brown and the Unions won’ – Emma

‘I learnt that lots of people died and horses died’ – Olivia

‘I loved everything about it because it was something new and fun’ – Rhiannon

‘I learnt how to grip and stick clay together’  Izzy