Prince Edward School Residency


We have been busy preparing for our year long residency at Prince Edward School in Sheffield. Our first project was creating a vibrant fish mobile with the teachers, which looks fantastic.

The Year 6 children have just finished creating an amazing dragon. Each group of 6 constructed part of the body, tail or head using willow withies, masking tape and tissue paper. In the second session they made willow and tissue scales, deciding on their colours and decorating patterns as a group. The design for the head was based on a number of Year 6 drawings, with additional features such as purple teeth and curly eyelashes decided by the children on the day.

It looks fabulous and we can’t wait to see it displayed in the stairwell keeping an eye on everyone!

Next project is plaster of paris planet sculptures with the Year 2 children. We have been really impressed by the fine detail the children have created in their clay moulds using a variety of  everyday objects (lego bricks, pasta, cutlery, coins, buttons, tile spacers to name a few). After putting on goggles, masks and gloves the children mix up the extra strong plaster of paris and pour into their mould. 20 minutes later and they are ready to reveal to their amazing planet, clean off the clay and start painting.