What we do


We have over 10 years of experience of creating art projects with children and adults. Our projects introduce people to a variety of materials and techniques, helping them to learn new skills and confidence through creativity. We have expertise in working with a variety of ages and abilities.

We believe that all children and adults develop through engaging creatively with the world around them. Where possible we use found and recycled materials and encourage seeing the artistic possibilities in everyday objects.

Our projects have included transforming an old bookcase in a dark corner into a magical coral reef using recycled fabric and creating a light reflecting fish mobile out of laminating sheets hanging from a bike wheel. We have also built and decorated totem poles as part of a whole school focus day where the children experienced different cultures from around the world.

We have also recently worked with young adults to create nature sculptures in Glen Howe Park, Oughtibridge.

If you are an educational setting, we can devise a project to support your curriculum and learning goals and also your whole school focus days.The projects can be designed to last from one day to half a term depending upon your needs.

We can also devise bespoke projects for community settings and are always willing to come and speak to you about what you need, and how we could deliver this within your budget.



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